What to do as a College Sophomore

Sophomore year is definitely a transition year. This is the time to solidify who you are as an individual. You are no longer a freshman just starting to figure things out and getting comfortable in your own skin and you aren’t an upperclassman yet who is expected to be on their right path already. Trying to […]

How to Choose Between Space and Location

One of the hardest decisions many people face when deciding on their next home is whether to pick a place is the decision between space and location. While both options have their advantages and drawbacks, ultimately you have to pick which is right for your personal situation. So, where will you move next and how […]

Grilling Times: Fish

When grilling fish, there are two key things to avoid: don’t overcook the fish and don’t let it stick to the grill. There is a general rule of thumb to not overcook your fish. Add 8 minutes of grilling time per inch of thickness. Below are some tips and recommended grilling times for certain fish. Fish Grilling Tips: Pat down fish […]

How to Plan a Renovation

If you are a homeowner (or even if you’re not), I’m sure at some point you have spent countless weekends on the couch watching DIY marathons of people buying homes and then throwing on safety goggles and karate kicking through drywall to fix them up. You may then start thinking about all the things you […]

Moving to Pittsburgh

So you’re moving to The City of Bridges! Known for its museums, parks and rich culture, you’re in for an adventure! Before moving to Pittsburgh, there are some things you should know: Rental Equipment When it comes to choosing your rental equipment, take these considerations into account before making your choice. Pittsburgh streets are very […]

How to Transport a Motorcycle on a U-Haul Trailer

Using the correct trailer and tie down process is crucial to successfully transport a motorcycle. This post will cover two popular trailers that you can rent in order to move your motorcycle across town or across the country, and also go over how to safely tie down your bike to avoid causing any damage during […]

Grilled Bacon Apple Pork Chops

Grilling season is upon us so fill up that propane tank, wipe the dust off your grill and get cooking! We asked U-Haul team members to submit their favorite grilling recipes and we picked some of our favorites. This recipe proves that everything is better with bacon. These bacon wrapped, apple stuffed pork chops were submitted by team member Skylar […]

How to Move Your Parents

Moving: no matter what the reason it’s always emotional. It can be exciting- maybe a new job or moving in with someone special. It can be sad- maybe due to a divorce or because of downsizing. When it comes to moving your parents, it can be a bit of both. Keep these things in mind for […]

Four Things to Expect When Building a New Home

Purchasing and building a new home is an exciting dream to realize. While renting is convenient when you know you’re only in the area temporarily, building a home is a worthwhile long-term investment for those who want to establish roots. The process of becoming a homeowner is different for everyone with a few similar milestones. […]

Grilling Times: Burgers

Nothing says summertime like hamburgers on the grill! This is an American classic that everyone loves, and grill masters everywhere should nail the right grilling times. Leave your barbeque guests raving and make the perfect burgers following the guidelines below! These grilling times are based on burgers with ¾ thickness– the perfect size for juicy […]

Ideas for Tonight: Honey Hot Chicken Skewers

Looking for a quick and easy meal for tonight? Here is a savory recipe that requires a few ingredients and little time: Honey Hot Chicken Skewers.  Pin the recipe card above to save the recipe! For more, visit your grilling resource here. Below is the recipe more in depth. Ingredients: ½ cup ketchup 2 tbsps honey 1 tbsp Worcestershire […]

Moving to Fort Worth

Fort Worth is “where the West begins!” It’s also the fifth largest city in the state of Texas and makes up one-third of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area. Originally, Fort Worth was an army outpost overlooking the Trinity River. Today this North Central city, known as “Cowtown”, is steeped in its Western heritage. If you’re […]

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