#Doesitgrill – Fresh Coconut

Coconut is a favorite fruit on many tropical islands.  It just gives you a taste of summer on a beach.  But, what if you grill the coconut?  Will the delicious taste remain or will the grill dry it out and make it taste dried out or bland. I was definitely on the fence as to whether the taste could measure up to regular coconut.  According to the Grillmaster, coconut tastes delicious grilled and will add a unique taste to your summer fruit salads and desserts!  Below is how I would suggest trying this grilled experiment.

Preparing the Coconut

  1. Crack open the coconut- this can be tough! For easy ways to open and hollow check out this page.
  2. Next, cut the coconut into bite size pieces for the grill. Pro tip: make sure your grill propane tank is full! You can find a refill location here.
  3. Place the pieces on the grill. You can use tongs or grilling gloves like our grillmaster.  Grill the coconut over med/high heat for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Take off the grill and serve either by itself, with fruit or your favorite dessert.

Final Verdict

After all is said and done, there is a reason toasted coconut is a popular flavor.  Who needs a toaster thought when the weather is perfect and you have a grill at your disposal?  I thought the coconut tasted great!  Coconut tastes good the traditional way or grilled, however, I wouldn’t get rid of either.  During your next barbecue or gathering with friends try adding some grilled coconut for a unique taste.  Sprinkle some grilled coconut over homemade ice cream for a perfect addition to a sundae bar or mix in with a fruit salad to give the fruit a tropical flavor.  Summer never tasted so good!

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