Road Trip Playlist for Your Move

moving road trip playlistOne of the greatest subject matters in American literary history has been the road trip. Think about it, embarking on a journey from one coast to another, learning about your great nation, and of course learning about yourself – why wouldn’t it be so fun to read about? From Kerouac to Steinbeck, the great American journey has been one that has been celebrated for centuries. So that brings us to your move. Whether you are moving a few blocks or a few states in your moving truck, it’s important to have the perfect playlist to set the tone of your move. We’re going to give you five great tips to create your moving day playlist!

Determine Length of Your Move

If you’re moving over the course of several days you are going to want to plan a playlist that spans the amount of time you’ll spend driving, so don’t be afraid to include full albums when selecting songs.

Factor in Weather

Sometimes a bright sunny day calls for some chart-topping pop, but if you’re grinding through a move in the rain, you’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared with some piano ballads and slower tunes.

Have Fun With Your Geography

Moving across multiple states? Find out who are some of each State’s native celebrities and add a few songs from each of those artists while you’re crossing their territory!

moving road trip playlistTake Requests

Got some friends on social media? Tell them that you’re embarking on a move and ask them what they think the ultimate playlist songs are. This will get the conversation going, and who knows, maybe a few housewarming gifts also!

Bring an Auxiliary Cable

Most vehicles nowadays come equipped with an auxiliary in, so remember to pack a cable, plug in, and enjoy the ride!

Here’s playlist our very own Thomas Chilton curated for Play Too Much– happy listening!

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Who’s got the best playlist? Share your best tunes in the comments section below or tag @weplaytoomuch on your move with photos of your playlist! 

(photo via spencer cohen)

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