Why Your Business Needs a Corporate Account

Running a business can be tiring, time-consuming and troublesome. Of course, small mom-and-pop shops and large corporations are going to face different struggles, but they are more alike than you might think. As a business owner, you are probably trying to discover ways to increase efficiency and make your business run smoother. A corporate account can be that solution for any size business.

Reasons why your business needs a corporate account

Employee relocation

Whether you are relocating an employee across town or across state lines, moving options are available. With a corporate account, you have the opportunity to provide your employees with employee relocation packages. These packages are customizable and will grant your employees a set amount of money they can use to spend on their move. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers. This is a great, hassle-free way to show your employees you are invested in their services.

Business relocation

Maybe you are expanding your business, or maybe you just have to have that new office space that was just built down the street. Whatever the case may be, relocating your business can be made easy by having a corporate account. Your payment information can be stored on file, which will make billing moving expenses a breeze. A corporate account with easy online account management will also save you time by allowing you to personally manage your options on your own time.

Business storage

Storage for your business can be essential, and finding a desirable, secure storage solution can be difficult. Once you find a storage solution that fits your needs, a corporate account can help manage it. Many industries who use extra storage space include pharmaceuticals, clothing retailers, electronics and more. Storing your extra inventory in a storage unit can maximize your space and reduce your business costs.

Light commercial truck and cargo van rentals

If you are in a delivery industry affected by holidays or large events, a corporate account can be beneficial to you. For example, flower delivery businesses have an influx in orders around Valentine’s Day, and package delivery businesses have an influx in demand around Christmas. In this case, having a corporate account will allow you to store your payment information on file as well as qualify you for great rates on light commercial trucks and cargo van rentals. Don’t get caught in the middle of your busiest season without enough vehicles for delivery.

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(flickr image via cc: tulanesally)