Top Cities with the Best Sandwiches

Top Cities for SanwichesIf you are like me, you love sandwiches. Which brought up the questions of which cities have the best sandwiches. There is a lot of debate on what can be considered a sandwich. Regardless of where you stand in this heated topic you can understand the love of the sandwich and can appreciate it in all its glory.

Here is the definition that I used to create this list:

“any dish wherein two or more pieces of bread serve as a container or wrapper for some other food”

What does this mean exactly? Well, the key to the definition of a sandwich is the “two or more pieces of bread”. This means that wraps, hot dogs, cheese steaks, etc are out! I typically don’t consider Hamburgers as sandwiches, but many do. For the sake of this post, I will not include hamburgers because they certainly deserve their own post.

Whether you are moving to a new town or just looking for your next sandwich adventure. Check out my list and see if you agree or have more to add in the comments at the bottom. Here is my list of cities with the best sandwiches. I will start with my home town.

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a great melting pot of cultures is ideal to find the right kind of sandwich for you. One of my favs is the Torta!

New York, NY

There is really too many to mention here. New Yorkers pile their sandwiches as high as their skyscrapers!

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland does pork right. Go get a pig sandwich and call it a day!

Los Angeles, CA

L.A. is home of the original French Dip (or at least how the legend goes) is reason enough to make my list!

San Francisco, CA

The absolute key to a great sandwich is all in the bread – and San Francisco does bread like no other.

Chicago, IL

Yes Chicago may be known for its hot dogs, but they throw down a pretty mean beef sandwich.

Almost every city has great deli’s and sandwich shops so grab your keys and head to lunch!

Where do you sandwich? Share with me your favorite sandwich shop in the comments!