8 Things to Do on a Cross Country Move

cross country move

Let’s face it, not everyone is up for a cross country move. They take days to arrive at your final destination and the drive itself can be hard on your body with all the time you’re sitting. Take advantage of your journey by doing some of these things on your cross country move!

cross country move 2Eat like the locals

We know that certain cities are famous for specific types of food groups. For example, there’s the age-old debate of whether New York or Chicago style pizza is best. It may never be settled on! Try one of the best sandwiches from these cities. If you’re in the south, you can never go wrong with barbecue (unless you’re vegetarian- sorry!)

cross county move 6Snap some pics

You have the opportunity to drive through different states and scenery; document nature’s beauty and your trek by snapping some cool pictures along the way. You’ll be surprised at the beauty that each state has to offer. If you’re cross country journey involves U-Haul rentals, take some pictures to share on your social media channels or upload here to be #uhaulfamous!

cross county move 5Make a playlist

If you’re driving cross country for your move, you most likely have days and hours of time behind the wheel. Make sure your music is ready! Our friends from Play Too Much gave tips on how to make a stellar playlist for your move.

cross county move 4Take your music local

Take the playlist option a step further- only listen to music by artists from the city you’re driving through. You could also curate your playlists based on cities or states. Ever drive through Memphis while you’re listening to “Walking in Memphis”? Whichever you choose, have fun with it!

cross county move 3Stretch it out

Some of you might be in a hurry to get where you’re going; you might not have the leisure time to stop and enjoy each passing state. One thing you shouldn’t forget is to stretch. With the lack of movement, your limbs can become stiff. Be sure to stop every once in a while to get your body moving. Here’s a Pinterest board you can check out that has quick and easy exercises you can do.

cross county move 9Shout out a ballad

Since music is on the mind, there’s nothing like a power ballad. Whether you’re driving with friends, family or solo, go ahead and belt out those ballads while you’re on the open road! (Cue the Journey classics here!)

cross county move 8Stop by museums

New York has its fair share of culture. When it comes to museums The Met and MoMa probably top just about anyone’s list of best museums. Look up what other museums you can tour while you’re on the move, especially if you’re in no rush to get to your new home!

cross county move 7Talk it out

This one’s pretty basic, but can be great for those long road trips with friends or family. Take advantage of this time to talk about life- goals, aspirations, funny stories, memories, etc. Note: if you’re driving solo, it’s not safe to take calls while driving. Even hands-free calls can be considered distracted driving. You can check here to see what each state considers distracted driving.

Have you driven a cross country move? Share any tips or tricks in the comments section that you might have to make the drive better!