Top 5 Moving Supplies You Wish You Knew About

Everyone knows the saying, “Hindsight is 20/20.” It’s an idiom for a reason, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. So, hopefully, you’re reading this post before your next move, because I’m about to bestow some magical moving gems in the form of the top 5 moving supplies you’ll be glad you used.

Paper tape

Republican or Democrat? Religious or atheist? Regular mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Some subjects have a very clear and emotional divide. The same goes for clear or paper packing tape. I’m taking a stance here. I’m pro paper tape. Here are my reasons. It’s easy to tear. No need for a dispenser or folding the edge so you can get a hold of it. And, you can write on it. Plus, it’s just as secure.

Dish Saver and Glass Pack Kit

There are many “first world problems” out there, but opening a box of broken dishes is definitely one of the saddest. All those collectible pint glasses and mismatched plates in pieces. If you don’t live like a 23-year-old bachelor like I do, you may have actual valuable, matching dishes. Use a dish saver and glass pack kit so you don’t have to tweet about this tragedy later and become a victim of Internet mockery.

moving supplies

Dish Barrel Box

Remember those “valuable, matching dishes” I mentioned previously? If you have those, the dish barrel box should be on your list of moving supplies to use. It’s very sturdy with “with double-walled extra protection.” I’m trying to think of a scenario when double walls are a bad thing, but I got nothing.

Moving Labels

I’m not sure if you know this, but I won the Moving Meme Challenge. That’s right. You’re in the presence of royalty. (No need to curtsy.) But, my favorite meme was about unpacking boxes that you didn’t label. I wish I purchased these moving labels for my last cross-country move. Unpacking would have been so much easier.

moving supplies

10-Inch Stretch Plastic Wrap

What’s not to love about this product? You can use it for so many things … and some of them are moving. Mover’s stretch plastic wrap is the Velcro of moving. Use it to secure drawers and storage bins during your move, or to wrap around furniture pads to keep them in place. I wouldn’t move without it!

Bonus moving supplies tip!

As you know if you’ve ever moved before, creative packing is a skill. Sometimes the items you want to pack are just too large to fit in standard boxes, like large framed artwork or pictures. Use two mirror boxes to create a larger box. Thanks to this tip, your framed portrait of dogs playing poker will be protected on the journey.

What are your favorite moving supplies? Let us know in the comments.