How to Make a City Apartment Feel like Home

city apartment decor

A house (or apartment) is only shelter. A home is a safe haven — one that encompasses your personality and provides just the right backdrop for memories to come. Once the moving boxes are unpacked, implement these tips on how to turn an average Joe apartment into a personalized space! Here are 8 gorgeous and surprisingly affordable ideas from Decorist to make your city apartment feel like home.

1. Play with the layout

While your apartment should accommodate your needs and lifestyle, don’t forget to let your creativity reign free. Show off your design skills by creating a non-traditional layout. Unique arrangements like a makeshift lofted bed or nook seating in an odd corner creates a thoughtful home with personality.

2. Focus on lighting

Change out the lighting to give your apartment a chic upgrade. Replace built-in fixtures with gorgeous chandeliers, eye-catching pendant lights or pretty plug-in sconces. Then layer your light sources to illuminate the room. If your space has limited square footage, utilize mirrors as an inexpensive (and pretty) way to reflect the light.

3. Add personal details

Surrounding yourself with things you love is key to creating a happy home (and a happy you — just ask Marie Kondo, the mastermind behind the KonMari method). Handpick pieces that reflect your personal style and don’t settle for anything but must-haves. An eclectic mix of items you love will make your apartment even more special.

city apartment decor4. Hang up meaningful artwork

Whether a gallery wall or a big piece of bold art, what you hang up is an easy way to personalize your space. Display artwork by a favorite artist, hang up a vintage oil portrait or put up family photos for an instant personal touch.

5. Choose a sofa that’s comfortable.

Sure, a trendy, one-cushioned sofa looks nice, but how does it feel to actually sit on it? Trust us, choosing a sofa should not be based on looks alone. Get one that’s inviting and so comfy to curl up on, you and your guests will never want to leave the couch.

6. Create atmosphere with candles

Display pillar candles in varying heights or decorate with mixed/matched votives for high-impact style and warmth. Candles create an intimate atmosphere while allowing you to fill surroundings with your favorite scent.

7. Liven up the space with plants

Fill empty spaces in a room with greenery to spring them to life. Go for planters in varying shapes and sizes or large and exotic greenery that makes a bold statement for an instant room refresh.

8. Go for the unexpected

Embrace your personal style, but don’t forget to explore it. Whether it’s a striking patterned wallpaper you’ve always wanted to try or a standout custom-made piece, go outside of your design comfort zone. It could be what makes your home uniquely yours.

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What tips do you have to spruce up your city apartment? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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