5 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Party for the Big Game

Use these tips to host an outdoor party

The big game is just a couple weeks away and many are planning to host a party to celebrate.  While it is very cold in many places around the nation right now, there are some places where the temperatures are milder and the sun is shining.  This allows them to enjoy the game outside.  Here are some tips and considerations for hosting an outdoor party for the big game.

projector-big-game circleShow The Game!

This is an obvious, but extremely important tip!  You have to be able to show the game outside in order to host a party outdoors.  Use a projector and screen or an outdoor television to show the game.  Test the equipment the week before to make sure everything is working.  Include enough seating around the projector for everyone to be able to watch the game there.  If you don’t have enough seating ask your guests to bring their lawn chairs.

Feed the CrowdGrill-big-game circle

Make sure there is enough food for everyone coming.  Snacks and grilled foods are crucial for a successful big game party.  A few days before the party make sure to check your propane level for your gas grill and refill if needed.  Many people like to get really creative with their big game food.  There are lots of ideas online for big game-themed food.  Drinking during these games is also popular, but make sure you offer options for those that do not drink alcohol.  Water, soda and tea are all great options.

Keep Everyone Warm

Although the temperature may be milder, it still may be a bit chilly out.  Consider small heaters to place around the party to keep everyone warm.  Heaters like this one have an adjustable heat setting and safety precautions.  Because everyone has different ideal temperatures it is also a good idea to offer small blankets if needed or tell people to bring jackets if they are typically cold.

Display your Team Spirit

Decorate using the team colors of the two teams playing.  If your team made it to the big game, make sure to decorate with only their colors.  If you know your friends have some rivalry teams, encourage everyone to dress up in their best football game.  To get the most participation, offer a prize for the best dressed.  Decorating and dressing for the part makes the game and the party more exciting!  Check out some good ideas here.

Fire-pit-big-game cicleTime-Out Zone

Not everyone is as excited about football as others.  Offer time-out zones for those not as interested in watching.  These zones can be areas with small, portable fire pits or a board game area.  It is also a great idea to place some outdoor games like bag toss out on the lawn.  This keeps the crowds happy and attempts to keep those not interested from distracting game watchers!  I have been the one unintentionally distracting viewers before and it is not pretty.  Apparently, this big game thing is a big deal!

When temperatures allow, hosting an outdoor party makes for a lively party.  After a long winter, many are excited to get outside at the first sign of sunshine.  So get outside and prepare for this party for the Big Game!  Good luck if your team plays!

If you have hosted an outdoor party for the big game, leave any tips you have in the comment section!

flickr: daniel lewis / via cc  (modifications made)