Moving to Missoula

Moving to MissoulaMissoula is frequently recognized as the cultural center of Montana, with a handful of farmer’s and art markets, the state’s first university, and an eclectic mix of people–from college kids and retirees to sports fans and loggers. The city offers plenty of activities to fill your must-see list, so if you’re moving to Missoula, keep these tips in mind to make the most of your Montana move!

Square away your housing arrangements before you move.

Because the Missoula housing market is booming, it’s important to start your search early. With the University of Missoula’s influx of college students in the fall months, plan your move–particularly for apartment living–in the summertime. But be careful; Missoula’s downtown streets are practically shut down in the summer months to make room for the city’s outdoor events. Weekends, particularly Sundays, are difficult days to move in the summertime.

Pick the right moving truck or trailer.

If you’re relocating to an apartment in Missoula, an 8-foot or 10-foot trailer is just the size you’ll need. If you’re headed for a new house, a U-Haul truck will fit your furniture and boxes perfectly while moving to Missoula.

Soak up the Missoula culture!

There’s a multitude of things to see and do as a resident of Missoula. Pick up some propane and fire up the grill–you’ll have a stunning view of the surrounding mountains while enjoying a BBQ night. Hikes, horseback rides, picnics, bike rides, fishing, camping, golfing, breweries and wineries, music shows, shopping, art galleries, and museums are all in store for you after you move to Missoula! Ski at Montana Snowbowl in the winter, raft along Alberton Gorge, take a historic walking tour downtown, visit a wine tasting or catch a concert or craft show at Caras Park!

Plan your move with the weather in mind.

Although the city is more heavily trafficked in the summertime due to the college students rolling into town, beware of harsh winter weather. Temperatures often dip below zero, and high winds mixed with snowfall can spell icy roads. Keep an eye on the forecasts before moving to Missoula. If you’re hauling a trailer, be sure your vehicle is equipped for Montana’s road conditions.

What tips do you have for moving to Missoula? Leave them in the comments below! 

(flickr: chucknadowfryerfootfun / via cc)