Moving to Manteca

Moving to Manteca

Thinking about moving to Manteca? The City of Manteca refers to itself as the “Family City”, and is located in central California at a crossroads of major highways with Stockton just to the North and Modesto to the South. Manteca is also about an equal drive (~1.5 hours) to San Francisco (West), San Jose (Southwest) and Sacramento (North) as well as about 2 hours from Yosemite National Park (East).


Manteca enjoys comfortable temperatures throughout the year that stays between 50 and 100 degrees. While it has been known to snow in Manteca in the past, it is very rare. Rainfall in Manteca is well below the national average per year, so expect a lot of sun and warm weather. Their coldest month, December sees an average low of 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and their warmest month, July, sees an average high of 94 degrees Fahrenheit.


The top employers in Manteca are the Manteca Unified School District, Kaiser Permanente (a healthcare company), the Doctor’s Hospital of Manteca, and the City of Manteca. Besides these top employers, Manteca also employs a large number of people in the construction field.


What does the housing market in Manteca look like? An average home in Manteca will cost between $250,000 and $300,000. There are cheaper housing options in Stockton to the North and Modesto to the South of Manteca if you are looking to have a little bit longer of a commute.

These housing prices have increased in the past year and Manteca has a foreclosure rate that is lower than the national average (2.4 compared to 3.1). The percent of delinquent mortgages is also below the national average for Manteca (3.2% compared to 4.8%).

Manteca has a solid economy and housing market and it looks like it will continue to improve in the next several years. It’s an excellent location between several of California’s major cities and job markets make it a very desirable, family-friendly community to live in.

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