Tips for Your Succulent Garden

diy succulent

Most people know the best time to plant is after the last frost. Well for some, that means the next couple weeks will be spent picking up gardening tools, fertilizer and plants. One plant that has grown in popularity are succulents. The best thing about succulents is they are survivors once planted correctly. In order to garden succulents correctly, you’ll need the right materials. If you’re planting a large succulent garden in your backyard or incorporating succulents in your landscaping design, renting a trailer may be the best idea to transport everything. Some items you may be moving are crushed granite, soil, large plants, pots and gardening tools. The tips below will help you care for a succulent garden:

Planning an Outdoor Succulent Garden

When planning an outdoor succulent garden, choose a sunny spot. Once you’ve decided on the area you plan to fill, draw it out before hitting the store. Heavier items such as granite and gravel will need to be transported with a trailer, especially if you’re using large amounts to fill your front yard or backyard. Pick up well-draining soil. If you’re putting succulents in containers, some people choose to put packing peanuts in the bottom so allow water to drain.

If you’re not planting in containers, we suggest digging a hole a least 1 foot deep and filling with water. Give it half an hour. If the water drains within the half hour, this means the soil drains well and you’re good to start planting. If it doesn’t, mix sand into the soil. Some people use small rocks as a top layer to prevent weeds from growing.

Choosing Your Succulents

When choosing which succulents to plant, first decide where they will go. Some easier succulent plants to are sedum and sempervivum. These plants work well in most environments. Keep in mind, most succulents are fairly easy to care for. Choose the best succulents that fit your needs. If you’re planning a large landscaping project, pick a variety of larger and smaller succulents.

How to Care for Your Succulents

Succulents hold moisture in their leaves and are naturally desert dwellers but can also be found in grasslands and jungles. For the purpose of gardening and landscaping projects, plants your succulents in an area that gets sunlight. Although these plants are survivors in harsh conditions, to thrive they need regular watering and fertilizing. The growth period is from Spring to Fall. Water your plants at least once a week. Make sure the soil is soaked all the way through. When the weather gets cooler, water less. You will know if you’re plants are getting too much light if they start to turn color. The color will look as if the plants are bleached. If you’re plant isn’t getting enough light, they will reach for it. You may notice they grow towards the sun.


Have you built a succulent garden before? Gives us your tips in the comment section below!