Moving to Oakland

Moving to Oakland

According to the New York Times, Oakland, CA is listed as one of America’s Coolest Cities! Home to the A’s, the Raiders and Lake Merritt, it’s easy to see why the title is true. Before you make your move to Oakland, brush up on these tips! Moving to Oakland is made easy:

How to Move

Moving in any big city can offer a handful of challenges you wouldn’t face in a suburban area. Don’t fret- these tips will help your move go off without a hitch.

  1. Moving Truck: Opting for the traditional moving truck is doable when moving to Oakland. One suggestion is to go with the smallest box truck size you can–this will help you maneuver the tight, hilly city streets a little easier! The smallest U-Haul moving truck is 10 ft. If you do get a larger truck, try to move in the morning to avoid traffic congestion.
  2. Moving Container: Choosing to move with moving containers, like U-Box containers, is another option. This is great if you’re moving from another state. With moving containers, you can pack your items into as many containers as you need and then have them shipped to your new location. This is also a good option for young professionals, many of whom move to Oakland. You can also book local labor to help you load, unload and even pack and unpack your items.

Note: if you’re using the Bay Bridge to move, look into those possible toll fees before you hit the road!


In Oakland, storage is a precious commodity. If you’re using a U-Haul moving truck to make your move to Oakland, know that you’re able to get one free month of storage with a one-way truck rental. This can give you extra time to look for the best place to live based on your preference. Your items will be safe in a storage unit until you’re ready to make your move. You can find storage locations in the Oakland area here. Another great thing about the moving containers that were mentioned before is that you can also store them in storage for as long as you need.


According to the United States Census, 17% of Oakland’s population is car-free! If you’re not familiar already, get acquainted with tackling public transit in the city. The BART, or the Bay Area Rapid Transit, is going to be a great way for you to get around the city or even into San Francisco. It essentially connects you to other cities in the bay area. If your work is close enough, try walking to work; if it’s farther away, try biking!

Do you have any Oakland moving tips? Share them with us in the comment section below!