The Complete Guide to Moving to a New State

The Complete Guide to Moving to a New State

There are a lot of details to consider when moving and when moving to a new state there are even more things to consider.  Don’t fret!  Use this guide to make sure you plan and execute your move efficiently.

Deciding to Move

The Complete Guide to Moving to a New StateWhether you are thinking of moving for a new job or just a new experience here are some things to consider before you  decide to move to a new state.

  • Cost of Living
  • Job Market
  • Visit the state first to see if you like the culture, food and lifestyle
  • Research the best neighborhoods, schools and areas to live
  • Consider the average time spent in traffic
  • Weather conditions including disasters such as earthquakes, floods and tornadoes

All of these factors play an important role in your enjoyment of a new state.  Change can be hard so it is important you evaluate how all of these things would effect you.  If all of these factors for the new location fit your needs than start looking for a job and start saving for your moving expenses.

Preparing for the Move

The Complete Guide to Moving to a New StateOnce you have made the decision that you are ready to move and are actively searching for a job, begin preparing.  It is easy to wait on everything for the official job offer or acceptance.  The truth is, if you wait you will be stressed and will very likely not have time to complete everything in time.  There is plenty you can do now to make the move less stressful.

  1. Start going through your closets, drawers, garage and attic to decide what items you want to keep and which to get rid of.
  2. Use this calculator to determine what supplies you need
  3. Start packing all items you will not need in the next couple months
  4. Gather quotes for the one-way equipment rentals and movers (use these quotes if you ask for reinbursment for your move)
  5. Sell or donate any items you do not want to keep

What you Need to Know About One-Way Moving Truck Rentals

The Complete Guide to Moving to a New StateAs you begin planning for your move to a new state, keep in mind that one-way equipment rentals have differences from local moves.  Here is what you need to know to rent or get the best quote:

  • The cost of a one-way moving truck will include the estimated miles and cost per day based on the size of the truck.
  • If you do not return the truck on the date in the contract you will be charged for each additional day used.
  • If you go over the estimated miles there will be a small fee since it is a flat fee and not based on mileage like in a local rental.
  • Other equipment like dollies will be returned at the second location as well.
  • Purchase the damage coverage whenever you rent equipment, but definitely when you are driving in new areas where you are not familiar with the terrain and roads.

Closing in on Moving Day

The Complete Guide to Moving to a New StateYou have accepted the job or are just a few weeks away from your move!  The more you do during this time the easier your move will be!

  • Fill out your change of address form for your mail
  • Notify your credit cards and bank
  • Update your address for your car insurance and renters insurance
  • Set the disconnect date for your old utilities and a connect date for your new utilities
  • Get medical/dental records for your family and pets to take with you
  • Confirm movers and moving equipment reservation

Packing for a Move to a New State

The Complete Guide to Moving to a New StatePacking is packing, right?  No.  Pack based on your needs.  Since you will be moving to a new state you may have other needs or it may take you longer to get situated.  If you are moving without your new home picked out yet and therefore may need to put your belonging in a self-storage for a time while you get settled.  Here are tips to help you keep all the pieces together.

  1. Keep boxes that you will need first together and mark them as Open First.
  2. Try to pack the open first boxes in the car or keep them in a place you can gather them first.
  3. Be detailed with what exactly is in the box.  You may not see these belongings for awhile.
  4. Pack like items in boxes even if you leave space in the box.  This will keep your sanity when you unpack.
  5. Use specialty boxes for fragile and expensive items to keep safe.

Read this for more packing tips!

On the Road: Moving to a New State

The Complete Guide to Moving to a New StateKeep the experience fun!  Think of it as an adventure because it is!  We all know everything will not go exactly as planned so roll with the punches.  Here is what you need to keep it rollin’:

To-Do List for Once You Get There

  • The Complete Guide to Moving to a New StateYou legally have 5 days to register your vehicle
  • Get a new driver’s license
  • Check out the other DMV laws or expectations by state
  • Find new doctors and dentists for the family
  • If you have children, register them for school
  • Whether you are single, in a relationship or moved with your family, get involved with your new community
  • Keep in touch with your friends from your previous home
  • Let everyone know your new address

Click here for The Complete Guide to Moving to a New State Infographic!

Moving to a new state is exciting and refreshing.  Think of the new adventures and experiences you will have once you move.  Although the process can be overwhelming, take it one step at a time and tackle everything with ease.  Hope this guide will help you navigate the out of state move and that you will be happy in your new home!

Have you ever moved out of state?  What was the most important thing you did to make the move easier?  Share in the comments!