Moving Help Providers® for a Home Project or Renovation

So, you’ve decided to make some upgrades to your home. These could be as minor as redecorating a single room to a more extensive, full home remodel. As you undergo this process, you’re likely going to need at least one extra set of hands. U-Haul has a Moving Help Marketplace filled with customer-rated and highly skilled laborers. Here’s how you can use Moving Help Providers for a home project or renovation:

Moving Help® for a Home Project or Renovation

Moving Help Providers to Prep for your Home Project or Renovation

Before you can renovate or redecorate, you’re going to need to clear out your space. Hire Moving Help Providers to pack everything up. Once boxes are packed up and labeled, Moving Help Providers can move everything out of your house and into your choice of a truck, trailer, or U-Box Portable Storage Container®. This ensures that nothing will get in the way during your home project and nothing gets damaged. With a truck or trailer, you can then transport your items to a U-Haul storage location. When using a U-Box Container®, you can keep your storage in your driveway or store at a U-Haul location. To prep for your home project or renovation, hire Moving Help Providers to…

  • Pack and label boxes
  • Clear out all furniture, appliances and other items
  • Load your items into your rental
  • Pack your storage unit or U-Box Portable Storage Container®
  • Donate or dispose of old appliances

Moving Help Providers to Lend a Hand for your Home Project or Renovation

Now that your space is cleared, use Moving Help Marketplace to lend a hand in the actual home project or renovation process. Whether you’re installing a new fountain, a new fridge or new furniture, Moving Help Providers® can do the heavy lifting for you. They do everything from loading materials into your home to helping set up new appliances. Having Moving Help Providers around will help get the job done more efficiently and with a little more muscle power. Moving Help Providers can also help with cleaning up any dust, debris or garbage that builds up as you paint, grout and redesign your home.

  • Install a fountain or outdoor furniture
  • Set up children’s outdoor play sets
  • Move brick, tile or cement
  • Install and set up new appliances
  • Set up new furniture and indoor decorations
  • Clean up trash, dust or debris from renovations

Moving Help® for a Home Project or Renovation

Moving Help Providers to Complete your Home Project or Renovation

Your home project or renovation is nearly complete! Now it’s time to move anything that is currently in storage out. Then, you’re going to need to put these items back in your home. Just as Moving Help Providers can pack and load your belongings at the beginning of your home project, they can do the same in reverse at the end. Use Moving Help Providers to get everything unpacked. From there, use Moving Help Providers to re-organize and decorate your home so that it really feels like home to you.

  • Clear out your storage unit
  • Load items from storage into your rental
  • Unpack boxes and move items back into your home
  • Reorganize and decorate with furniture and decorations

How would you use Moving Help Providers to help with your home project or renovation? Share in the comments!