CollegeboxesⓇ Ship to School: George Washington University

Hey Colonial’s, it’s that time of the year when you start getting everything prepared to head to the beautiful campus of George Washington University. For incoming Freshman get ready for the greatest time of your life. If you’re living at the Foggy Bottom Campus you’ll be blocks away from the White House, U.S. State Department, the National Mall, and world-class research centers providing one of a kind learning and internship experiences. If you’re heading to the Mount Vernon Campus you’ll have open-air lawns and lush green spaces within D.C. metropolitan setting while only being a short 15-minute shuttle ride to Foggy Bottom.  But before you can start enjoying all that George Washington University has to offer how are you going to get all your belongings to your dorm? That’s where we come in, CollegeboxesⓇ Ship to School program is the most convenient and inexpensive way to move your belongings to school. What is CollegeboxesⓇ you ask? Let’s find out.

How it Works

CollegeboxesⓇ provides boxes & supplies, pickup, storage, delivery, and shipping services to and from school. The Ship to School program makes it easier to move to campus. You’ll only need to bring your essential items and the rest will go with us.  Let’s break it down for you:

  1. Online Registration

First, you’ll have to create an account. Do it on your laptop, phone, or another mobile device. And best of all it’s FREE to create an account, unlike the other guys that will charge you $39.99 just to register. During sign up, you can get our fresh supply kit, choose your FedEx pickup date, and give us your billing info. Remember you won’t pay a dime until your stuff has been picked up. The last day to order supplies is August 7th, 2017 and last day for pickup is August 11th.

  1. Pack, Print Shipping Labels and Prepare for Pickup

Once you’ve packed all your GW gear, it’s time to make and print your shipping labels. Simply log into your CollegeboxesⓇ account. The night before pickup make sure you have all your items packed tight and labeled. CollegeboxesⓇ is so flexible that if you happen to miss the pickup, we gotchu. You can always drop off your items at any of our shipper’s location.

  1. Final Delivery of Ship to School Items

Prepare to save some bank on August 20th. We’ll deliver your Ship to School items directly to your dorm for FREE. Yes, you read that right, to your crib for FREE. So, if you’re staying at The Vern you won’t need to carry your things through The Quad to get to Somers Hall. All the heavy lifting will be done for you so feel free to kick back and relax.

CollegeboxesⓇ Benefits

CollegeboxesⓇ Ship to School makes it way easier to get all your junk to school. But there are so many more reasons to choose CollegeboxesⓇ this school year.


Ballin’ on a budget will be your life style during your college years. Any chance you get to save money you need to grab it by the horns.  CollegeboxesⓇ is a perfect opportunity to save some big bucks. The shipping price is based on package dimensions, weight and destination, and declared value coverage selected by you. Typical domestic shipment cost between $30-$50.

Here’s a breakdown of costs for one 24x16x18 CollegeboxⓇ weighing 50lbs.  Rates are subject to change at any time due to our shipping carrier retail rates and fuel surcharge.

  1. Barcode Tracking & Live Updates

CollegeboxesⓇ barcode technology lets you rest easy knowing exactly where your things are. Basically, you can track where your stuff is whenever you want. Feel free to hit up your friends to explore campus while your things are on their way, once they get there you’ll get a notification.

  1. $100 of Free Declared Valuation Protection

CollegeboxesⓇ prices include $100 of declared valuation protection for each item shipped or stored. There’s no need to sweat over your belongings.

With all this being said, CollegeboxesⓇ is the way to go. Before you move in make sure to complete the online self-check-in on your myGW. Don’t forget to keep your GWorld card in hand so that you can get into your hall. College is going to be the time of your life. Get out and try new things. Make some friends, go to the games, and let us take the stress of getting moved in away from you. Have an awesome school year, and go Colonials!

What are you most looking forward to once you get on campus? Tell us in the comment section!