Organizing Your Garage

Organizing your garage

For many of us, our garage becomes a place for items that we no longer need or want. The piles continue to build up and before you know it, there is no room in your garage! Well, on the bright side there is an option on how to take care of this matter – organize your garage! As many may think that this process can be difficult, it actually can be done pretty smoothly by following a few simple steps.

Clean Slate:

First and foremost is to really think about what you want your garage to look like. What is your plan to get this accomplished? Once you know that and feel that you have a solid vision, then start on emptying your garage. If there are vehicles in your garage, see where you can temporarily park them so you have enough room to unload and use all the space that you need.

Sort & Categorize:

Once you have a clear space, you are ready to start organizing your items. One thing that helps is to sort your items into piles such as storage, donations, trash and keep. This maybe a little time-consuming but will prepare you to be able to organize your garage much quicker and easier!
Another aspect that helps with this process is to use a storage unit to store items that you don’t need all the time such as holiday decorations, furniture, clothing, old toys, etc. Using a storage unit is a great way to store your items and gives you more space not only in your garage but your home as well. There are many ways to utilize a storage unit and they are always helpful and useful!

Bins & Containers:

Now that majority of all your items are sorted and categorized into piles, you can put these piles into bins or containers if needed. One thing that helps with these containers is to label them with either a marker or using a label maker. This helps to easily be able to see what’s in each bin without having to play the guessing game. Also, be sure to remember, when stacking the bins and containers, make sure to put the heavier ones on the bottom for safety.

Shelving (Optional):Organizing your garage shelves

Shelving is an option based on space and the need for it. It’s a great way to store and organize all your belongings whether you build the shelves or purchase a set that is already made. There are many ways to go about shelving for your garage and you can choose what you want! Shelving is a great option for storing your bins and containers and creates a neat and organized look.

Putting it all Together:

Finally, it is time to put it all together! Remember the vision that you had for your garage when you first decided to organize it. Be sure to take your time when putting this together, even though you’re probably ready to be done with this project. For easier access, make sure to place your items that you commonly use between waist level and eye level. Also, make sure to organize your items by placing things like seasonal items together that way you know where everything is.

This all may seem like a lot to process and do; however, you can do this at your own pace! Don’t worry about getting this all done in a day, you can do this in any timeframe. Remember it’s your garage and you have the vision of what you want it to look like in the end. When you finished organizing your garage, you may even want to think about organizing items in your home!