Weekend Activities in Belmont, CA

Weekends are all about going out, having fun, and living in the moment. But not many people know what to do on a weekend. So, here we have a list of some fun activities in Belmont, CA you should definitely try – made possible thanks to uhaulcarshare.

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Activities in Belmont, CA

All about Weekends: Activities in Belmont, CA

College is the time of your life when you can dive in the open sea, fly in the vast sky, and explore the unbounded lands without inhibition. There is no better time to travel than today. The little adventures in life help maintain the thrill of it.

Adventure Activities

  • Sawyer Camp Trail – What is better than hiking with friends on the weekends? If you were waiting to find a good hiking trail, then Sawyer should definitely be on your list. The trail is known for its scenic views and refreshing weather. A tip: Don’t forget to grab your camera to capture the serene views of this trail.
  • California Windsurfing – Students looking for wild activities in Belmont, CA need not look any further – Windsurfing is the adventure for you! This place rents a variety of watercraft including kayaks, paddle boats, hydro bikes and windsurfing boards along with giving windsurfing lessons. The prices are reasonable too!

Fun Activities

You are never too old to have fun! Whether it’s spending time with a pet, watching your old favorite movie again or playing cards with friends. Everyone’s idea of fun varies depending on their personal taste and personality. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Hiller Aviation Museum – Are you a big aviation history fan? If yes, then you’re almost guaranteed to have fun at this place. Plus, this place is really close to the Notre Dame De Namur college. Hiller has the most fascinating aircraft (some even hanging from the roof) and being on water just makes it much more beautiful. If going, plan for a late-afternoon Saturday or Sunday usually after 3 PM as these hours are less crowded.
  • Unleashed Art Gallery – Calling all art fanatics! This gallery will capture your eye and heart perfectly. Although small, the place is a hidden treasure displaying some amazing local artworks that are hard to find elsewhere. Who knows, maybe you find some beautiful pieces to decorate your place.

Activities in Belmont,CA

Relaxing Activities

Weekends are about enjoyment, but they’re also about hitting pause from the robotic schedules and stress. As humans, we find it hard to choose between relaxation and enjoyment. But what if relaxation came with fun? These next places will soon make your favorites list:

  • Filoli – If you are a nature lover, then this is your go-to place. A perfect place to visit with your friends or family. The rose gardens, herbs and vegetables, manicured lawns, classic English style gardens, and graceful peacocks are a highlight of this place. The peak rush hours on weekdays are from 12 PM to 3 PM, so we recommend going in the evenings any time before 5 PM.
  • Alpha Acid Brewery – Need a chill pill? Or a pause from the busy school life? For students 21+, looking for a place to relax, an ice-cold beer is only a drive away. The Alpha Acid Brewery is a boutique brewery known for some great beers and amazing people. Remember: Drink responsibly and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!

College students looking for activities in Belmont, CA should add these to the to-do list. If you feel like exploring and are looking for some fun activities in Belmont, CA add these to your bucket list now!

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