Guest Blogger

Guest bloggers are community experts that are passionate about all things moving and storage. Check back often for more posts from your favorite guest bloggers.

Paige C

My only state crossing move was over ten years ago when my family left our Southern California roots for a new adventure in Arizona. In more recent years, local moves within the Valley haven't left me a stranger to moving. Whether it was moving into college dorms or into various new apartments, I have luckily always had the support of my friends and family to help with my moves. Away from work, you can find me blogging, traveling, enjoying time with family, and heading out to local events and checking out local bands with friends.

Moving Expert

I've spent my entire life preparing to be recognized as an expert in moving and storage. This is what I was made for! I have more moves behind me then I can even count. I've spent hours upon hours with moving equipment of all shapes and sizes. You can ask me any moving question you'd like, and I likely have an answer. If not, I will find one! E-mail your moving and storage questions to to be featured in my weekly 'Ask the Expert' post.