After Moving Tips

Did you know that 40 to 50 million people may move this year and 1 in 5 people move each year?  With those statistics, it’s a safe bet that you, or someone you know, has moved within the past 12 months. We all know it’s a jigsaw puzzle getting the truck packed, but how do […]

Business Storage: Package Delivery Acceptance

Finding the right business storage program can be quite the task. From retail to pharmaceutical storage, your needs can vary based on the industry you’re in. It’s important to find a storage facility that will make storing your goods, easy for you! Here are some options to consider: Package Delivery Acceptance Package delivery acceptance is […]

Storage Tips in Phoenix

Whether your moving to or living in the valley of the sun, you know that you and your belongings will be exposed to some heat! As an Arizona native (Ahem… over 30 years in desert) I thought I could share some storage tips in Phoenix. Weather Conditions There are 3 main conditions you need to […]

DIY Portable Storage

So you are moving by yourself and realize “How am I supposed to pack all this stuff?” Don’t worry, you’ve got options, its just a matter of deciding what works best for you. You could ask a friend or rent a truck, but have you considered portable storage? U-Haul offers U-Box containers that you can […]

Spring Cleaning and Storage

Spring has sprung which means out with the old, in with the new! But living in a dorm or apartment sometimes makes it hard to find room for the new. Solution to this problem: storage! Whether it’s under-your-bed storage or a self storage unit, the more room the merrier. More Room, More Clothes Are you […]

Enhancing Your Self-Storage Operations

Updated: 11/11/16 Self-storage operators, whether they are owners, investors or managers have to be hard working entrepreneurs. When you start a self-storage business, you want to make sure that you do everything you can in order to succeed in a competitive industry. Here are some things you can do to help ensure your success and […]

Storing Tax Documents

As tax season comes to an end in a few weeks, some of you may wonder what do I do with all these tax documents? You definitely want to store them just in case of an audit or if you simply need to refer back at any documents. Here are some tips on storing tax documents: […]

Business Renovation Storage

Perhaps your business is growing. That’s great! Unfortunately, your office isn’t. Maybe you’ve had to expand as customer orders continue to roll in, which is great for business but not so great for your employees. Your old office space may start to feel like a cramped dorm room. Dysfunctional and disorderly, a business-office renovation may be your only solution to reorganizing and reclaiming your […]

Portable Storage Coverage

You’ve opted to move your belongings with the convenience of portable storage. You know how many containers you need to rent in order to house all of your belongings and maybe you’ve even made the reservation. If your belongings are worth storing, keeping and transporting, they are worth protecting. If you choose to opt for […]

Pharmaceutical Storage

If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry then you know the importance of keeping an eye on compliance for the storage of your prescription drug samples. Finding business storage that meets both the compliance and budget can be a hard feat. Keep these tips in mind while you’re on the hunt: PDMA Compliant Storage The Food […]

How to Pay Your Storage Unit

You’ve signed all the paperwork and have packed your storage unit full, but how do you make your monthly payments? U-Haul storage facilities have options that make paying for your storage unit easy! In Person If you’d like to pay for your storage unit in person, you can do so at your storage facility. Automatic […]

Wardrobe Season Change

The sun is staying out longer. The days are getting warmer. If you live in a place where your winter boots are no longer a necessity, it’s time to start updating your closet with appropriate clothing. This means you’ll have to start putting away your heavier clothing that is taking up space in your closet. […]