Car Share vs. Public Transportation

For those times when owning and driving your own vehicle and walking aren’t options, there are alternatives: car sharing and public transportation. To figure out which of these alternative works best for you, ask yourself a few questions: How much time do I need to get from point A to point B and how much time do […]

Moving to Calgary

Located in the western Canadian province of Alberta, just 45 minutes from the Rocky Mountains, sits a beautiful city by the name of Calgary. Here in Calgary, residents enjoy more days of sunshine than any other Canadian city. For those moving to Calgary, keep some of these things in mind: What To Do With the Rocky […]

Unexpected Uses for Car Share

In town for a couple days? Need to make a grocery run? Want to make a good first impression at an interview? Or maybe you just need to get out of the city for a day –uhaulcarshare is your answer. The growing popularity of car sharing is nothing to be ignored. Here are three reasons why the car sharing […]