U-Haul Research and Development April 1st Sneak Peak

On this, the first day of April, we are very proud to announce that we have been granted exclusive access to the U-Haul research and development labs at their headquarters in sunny Phoenix, AZ. What are the engineers and designers cooking up at U-Haul? Read below to find out! Self Packing Boxes Packing boxes can […]

Newlyweds First Home

You exchanged your vows, had the perfect fairytale wedding and now you are officially newlyweds! Now that you have finished wedding planning, what do you do with all that free time on your hands? One of the first steps for many couples after they tie the knot is to buy their first home! Now that […]

6 Things You Don’t Need to Panic About on Moving Day

Moving day can be a stressful time, and some people are natural worriers, but DON’T PANIC! It will be alright. Here are six things that you definitely don’t need to panic about on your moving day because we have the solutions to your problems. Broken Dishes No one wants to unpack in their new home […]

How to Make a Picture Collage

Filling up an empty wall with a picture collage is a great way to create an accent wall and add character to your home. Before you start hanging, plan appropriately to make a picture collage that will liven up your home. Follow the steps below to plan the perfect picture collage: Step 1: Pick out the right […]

How to Make Long Road Trips Fun

Moving day is here! Your moving truck is packed and now you’re ready for a long road trip. Maybe you are moving cross-country or just a few states away. I don’t know about you, but spending endless hours in a vehicle is not my idea of a good time. So, how do you make a […]

6 Stages of Moving Everyone Goes Through

On your moving day and the days leading up to it you will experience a full range of emotions. This list will not only prepare you for the emotional stages of moving, but also help you avoid some of them completely. Just know that regardless of how you’re feeling at the time, when you complete your move […]

#Uhaulfamous Love Stories

Everyone has their own moving story…whether you made that cross-country journey on your own or you moved with loved ones. What is the best way to document your adventure? By taking a picture, of course! Many couples have celebrated their move and told their love stories by submitting their moving pictures to U‑Haul where they’ve […]

Movies to Watch After Your Move

Now that your move is over, it’s time to relax with a good movie. If you’re as indecisive as I am, deciding exactly which of these films would take a lifetime so we decided to help you out by providing some options with these movies about moving on. Sliding Doors  Helen learns that everything happens for a reason […]

Your Guide to the Best Moving Day Selfie

On average, how many selfies do you think are taken before just the right one is found? Five, ten? Guess higher! I read an article a few months ago that said the author took 40, yes 4-0!, selfies before selecting the perfect one. I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of taking more than a […]

The Five Coolest Hitch Covers

You’ve had a hitch installed on your vehicle and enjoyed many trips with the ability to haul your gear behind you on your travels. In between your adventures it is important to keep your hitch protected. So how do you do that? The answer is simple: Get a hitch cover. Although it may seem like […]

14 Best #uhaulfamous Photos Of 2014

Lights! Camera! Action! It’s hard to believe 2014 will be gone and over in a matter of a few hours. In 2014 U-Haul announced a new program, #uhaulfamous, which is the opportunity for anyone and everyone to have their moving memories featured on the side of a moving truck. Becoming U-Haul Famous is as easy […]

Packing Santa’s Bag

Do you ever wonder how Santa’s bag gets packed for Christmas? Every year Santa has to deliver presents to millions of good little girls and boys around the world. I had the chance to meet Santa himself last year, so I asked him, “How do you make everything fit in your bag without breaking things?” […]