Moving without a License

Maybe it’s suspended, maybe you never got it or maybe you just lost it inconveniently right before your move. Whatever the reason is, don’t worry. Moving without a license is possible! So how do you move without actually driving? You hire helpers!  The Moving Helpers® will show up when and where you want them to assist […]

Prepping Your New House To Move In

The day is finally here. You get to move into your new home! Make sure you arrive before your moving truck and movers do so that you can begin prepping your new house to move in. Here’s how: Set Up Utilities Before You Move-In Days before you move in, you’ll want to make sure several services are working in your […]

Moving Help Marketplace 101

So… you want to know more about Moving Help Marketplace®. You have come to the right place. Moving Help Marketplace® 101 will give you an overview of everything Moving Help Providers® can do for you. What is Moving Help Marketplace®? Moving Help Marketplace®  allows you to shop and compare labor-only Moving Help Providers® who offer […]

Easiest Way to Move in the Winter

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of planning the season of our move. Moving in the winter can add some additional challenges if you’re moving in a location with snow and ice covered surfaces. Simple things like carrying boxes and driving get a little more “exciting” when snow is involved. If your winter move involves […]

What Could Go Wrong When Helping A Friend Move

When it comes to helping friends  move, sometimes you’ll look for any excuse to not help them out with this task.  Moving can be a stressful event in someone’s life filled with tension, so here’s what could go wrong when helping a friend move, so you can better be prepared( if you’re ready to give […]

How Do I Change My Moving Help Marketplace Reservation?

Sometimes you need to change your Moving Help Marketplace reservation to add more hours, change the date, add a piano, or to pick a different Moving Help Provider. Instead of emailing to change it, here is a step by step guide to modifying your reservation on 1.  Go to and click on […]

Asking Friends to Help you Move: Why You Shouldn’t Do It

Moving day is approaching, what is the first thing that runs through your mind? “How am I going to haul all my belongings?” Most commonly, the individual who is planning to move tends to seek out which friend or family member that owns a truck in order to help move their belongings.  I’ll be honest, I […]

Who is a Moving Help Provider?

Mo·ving Help Pro·vi·der noun A self-employed, labor-only mover who goes through the Moving Help Provider verification process and completes the required classes to participate in the Online Moving Help Marketplace. Moving Help Providers come from various professions.  Some work full-time in the moving business while others work part-time when they are not working as a […]

Cheap Gift Ideas for Friends that Help You Move

Some friends are quick to do favors while others take a little convincing. Whichever category your friends fall in, it’s important to show them your appreciation for being there in times of need. If your friends are helping you move, rewarding them with gifts wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Moving can already be expensive, […]

How to Get Out of Helping A Friend Move

Do you ever just want a weekend to yourself,  but a friend is moving? We are always told that “being a good friend means helping a friend move,” but what if this is the third or fourth friend to move in a month? Tired muscles and longing for the weekend may mean it is time […]

4 Ways to Put the Fun Back Into Moving

As a kid, moving was often something I looked forward to. I was able to participate in all the “fun” activities (taping boxes, writing labels with colorful permanent markers, pretending my books were Tetris pieces while packing them), while avoiding the less than enjoyable ones (carrying heavy furniture, boxes bags, etc.) The memory of moving […]

Gift Ideas for Your Moving Helpers

Though moving can be an adventure, we all know that it’s hard work. There is a lot of preparation like packing, cleaning and heavy lifting involved. Anyone who has moved before knows that it’s usually impossible to do it alone. Most people call their friends for moving help—a request that many friends dread. The usual […]