How to Get Out of Helping A Friend Move

Do you ever just want a weekend to yourself,  but a friend is moving? We are always told that “being a good friend means helping a friend move,” but what if this is the third or fourth friend to move in a month? Tired muscles and longing for the weekend may mean it is time […]

4 Ways to Put the Fun Back Into Moving

As a kid, moving was often something I looked forward to. I was able to participate in all the “fun” activities (taping boxes, writing labels with colorful permanent markers, pretending my books were Tetris pieces while packing them), while avoiding the less than enjoyable ones (carrying heavy furniture, boxes bags, etc.) The memory of moving […]

Gift Ideas for Your Moving Helpers

Though moving can be an adventure, we all know that it’s hard work. There is a lot of preparation like packing, cleaning and heavy lifting involved. Anyone who has moved before knows that it’s usually impossible to do it alone. Most people call their friends for moving help—a request that many friends dread. The usual […]

Hiring Moving Help Providers: Remember These Quick Tips

Moving day is approaching and, as you pack, you’re realizing that you have more stuff than you thought. All of a sudden, your tiny one-bedroom apartment kitchen looks like it has enough food and equipment to cook for a busy restaurant. This scenario is all too common when it comes to moving and people tend […]

4 Tips for Summer Moving

Moving can be tough. Moving in the summer during 100+ degree weather? People think you’re crazy. Still, many families choose to move during the summer time because children are out of school, and that makes it a whole lot easier for family and friends to help out when making the move. In order to make […]

Top 10 College Graduation Gifts

Whether they’ll be starting a new career, or traveling the world to visit exotic places, the college graduate in your life is moving on to the next chapter in their life. They’ve graduated, and now it’s time to celebrate their achievements. Here are some great college graduation gifts you can give them to help them […]

Moving Help Providers Need the Important Details

So you have Moving Help Providers ordered and scheduled to come assist with your move. What do they need to know? What details could help make this a smooth move? Use the following points to make sure your helpers know the details of your move and they come prepared. Are there stairs involved? If so, […]

Ask the Expert: We’re Here to Help!

We are excited to announce the launch of a  new resource specifically designed to help you.  The “Ask the Expert” feature  is a source of advice for specific moving, storage and organization questions.  Our experts have years of experience in the Moving and Storage industry and it is our goal is to ensure we don’t miss any opportunity to […]

Pirate Movers Hold Household Goods Hostage: Don’t let it Happen to You!

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is proceeding to suspend the right of a moving service company from doing business after determining that the moving company held a customer’s household goods hostage and refused to release them unless the customer paid additional money to the moving company (Agency Group, n.d-a). […]

How to Find Quality Moving Help

Lifting a sofa by yourself is not an easy task, but what do you do when it’s only you or you’re unable to due to health or age? Many people cannot afford the luxury of a full service moving company, so many of us still stick with renting a moving truck and trying to find […]

Understanding Your Towing Capabilities: An Interview with Bob De Kruyff

When it comes to renting a trailer, it is very important to have a good understanding of your vehicle’s towing capabilities. We sat down with moving and safety expert, Bob De Kruyff from U-Haul to get answers to the most important questions you may have when it comes to understanding your towing capacity. Review our […]