Moving to Edmonton

So you’ve decided to move to Edmonton, Canada, eh? As the capital of Alberta, this city is known as “The Festival City” because its diverse culture attracts festivals year-round. Located on the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton attracts residents from all over. With a strong family-focus and plenty of opportunities for arts and sports for children, […]

How to Protect Your Furniture During A Move

Sometimes things don’t go as planned during a move and it’s not unlikely that somewhere between loading and unloading the moving truck someone will spill their drink on your mattress or drag your couch through the pavement. While you can’t control everything, you can control how you protect your furniture. Before you even begin loading your […]

Moving to Toronto

Last year U-Haul named Toronto the top destination city in Canada, and it is easy to see why. Toronto is a large and diverse city with something to offer just about everyone.  Here are some things you might consider when you decide to move to Toronto. New U-Haul Product Available in Toronto, Ontario We are […]

Moving to Chicago

Getting ready to move to Chicago is an exciting adventure.  You’re moving to the city known for its mouth watering deep dish pizza, beef sandwiches, hot dogs, history, culture and die hard sports fans!  Preparing for your Move: Whether your moving to Chicago or within the city, you have to be prepared to load and/unload […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Moving Insiders!

In the spirit of giving thanks, the Moving Insider team wants to wish our readers a Happy Thanksgiving.  We feel this is a great time of year share some of the things we are thankful for when moving.  In no particular order, here are some of our thoughts! I have always been the type of […]

Using the Rear Door Latch

How do I use the rear door latch on my moving truck?                                                                                                                        Tom M., Flagstaff, AZ We, like  Tom, want to make sure our goods are safe and secure when we’re headed down the road. We often find ourselves extremely busy when we are moving we overlook the smallest of tasks. When it comes […]

5 Ways To Make Loading a Moving Truck Fun & Exciting

The thought of moving into a new house is fun and exciting; and why shouldn’t it be? But, oftentimes people get their eyes stuck on the prize rather than the journey to reach their prize. It takes a lot to move into a new place- time, money, careful planning, patience and moving supplies. However, these […]